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M & B d.o.o. - Trajektna luka, Supetar
M & B d.o.o. - hotel Kakuts (Svpetrus hoteli)
M & B d.o.o. - hotel Amor (Velaris), Supetar
M & B d.o.o. - Villa Hotel Adriatica, Supetar
M & B d.o.o. - hotel Vrilo, Postira
M & B d.o.o. - hotel Lipa, Postira
M & B d.o.o. - Aerodrom Brač (zračna luka Brač)
M & B d.o.o. - Acy Marina Milna, Milna
M & B d.o.o. - Agencija Travelina, Milna


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+385 0 91 250 9491 | +385 0 98 265 287

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M&B d.o.o. OIB: 56507176024, MBS: 060070640,
HR - 21400 Škrip, Porat 2, Supetar, otok Brač